Sunday 24 August 2008

Rear Subframe Removal

Before I start, let me say that removing the rear subframe was a nightmare. Don't let anyone tell you it's a quick job unless all of your mounting bolts are nicely clean, rust free and greased! You're going to need patience and a big extension bar for your socket to get it off!!

Anyway, here's the car ready to have the subframe removed:

Mini with its wheels off

Cheepa wanted to double check I was doing things right:

Chiho and the mini

After much soaking of the bolts in WD40, and much cursing the old bolts sheared off anyway and I finally got the subframe removed:

Old subframe

It's pretty knackered as you can see.

Check out these splits!

Split subframe

Split subframe

Split subframe

With the subframe off I could asses how much work was needed before I could put the new one on. The answer, a lot. Here's the N/S subframe mount for starters:

Rear subframe mount

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