Thursday 28 August 2008

Rear subframe jig

In order to ensure that he subframe mountings line up when I fit the new subframe mounting panels, I decided to make a jig which I could use to align everything prior to welding.

Firstly I measured (three times to be sure) the distance between the rear trunnions on the old subframe. This distance was 1285mm. I then cut up an old piece of angle iron to the exact length (minus the width of the trunnions) and then welded a pair of old trunnions onto each end of this. I double checked that the new jig matched up exactly with the old subframe and thankfully, it did.

Here's the jig:

I then measured and tacked the new subframe moutning in place, and checked that it aligned with the otherside using the jig, like this:

Luckily everything seems to have lined up first time! I was pretty worried about doing this, but it seems to have gone well...

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