Tuesday 26 August 2008

Door step and outer sills

The next job after the inner sills was the door step. This required a lot of care to make sre everything lined up when I fitted the new panel, so the first thing was to take lots of measurements. I made alignment marks both on the car and on the ground and then measured the distance to them from the old metal.

Alignment points

Next I started to cut away the old rear bins and make up repair sections. Quite a lot of metal had to come out!

No metal

And then repair sections were let in

New metal


With thatdone I could start letting in the new door step and rear quarter. Here it is tacked in place
New door step

Thankfully all of my measuring paid off as it all lined up perfectly!

The door step was plug welded and seam welded in place. I butt welded it to the rear quarter panel.

Door step

Door step

The new door step in place, next job - the outer sill!

The new door step

The outer sill was very easy after the hard work of the inner sill and door step. It just plug welds to the doorstep and the floors, so I just had to position it correctly and then plug weld it.

In this photo you can see how many plug welds I had to do to the outer sill. (Lots).

Outer sill

Next it's just a case of sanding the welds down and priming it, like this


And job done!

New sill

New sill

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