Sunday 7 June 2009

Fitting the new rear subframe

Today was at long last the day to refit the rear subframe. It seems like a long time ago that I dropped the rusty old one down from the car (because it was).

After our trial run last week I was confident that things would go smoothly. It was quite plain sailing as I had to remove the rear trunnions to get it past the rear valance, but after another period of levering (and cursing at the sky as it started to rain) it all went in.

Before fitting the subframe I painted the top of it and the vunerable areas with waxoyl and I made some mounting pads out of neoprene. These get sandwiched between the subframe and the car and help to prevent noise and vibration.

The new bolts were all also liberally doused in copper grease to make removing them in future easier.

Next I need to rebuild the rear radius arms and then move onto sorting the floorpans properly.


BoardWatch said...

I'm fascinated by your blog, here, Andy. You're still at it I hope?

Jeff in Los Angeles (with subframe project coming up):)

Andy Todd said...

Hi Jeff - yes, I'm still hard at it. I'll post some updates soon, I've taken tonnes more photos since my last post.

Good luck with your subframe project!