Saturday 6 September 2008

Restoring cars outdoors

Rebuilding a car outside can be a bit of a nightmare. For one thing, when you finish working you have to pack everything away and tidy up. For me that means dragging the welder and huge gas bottle to the shed, tidying all of my tools awy (and cleaning them) and then sweeping up. Plus you have to re-assemble any bits of the car you've taken apart (like the doors).

Added to that, it rains CONSTANTLY in England. That means work which looked nice and shiny and new one day starts to rust the next, and you often can't get much paint on things because of the damp.

Having said that, it is possible so long as you plan ahead and don't just strip the car down to nothing in one go.

To make my life a little more bearable I put the Mini in a gazebo today. Let see how it goes...


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